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Archery Scorekeeper 2.0.1 (Screen Shots)

The latest update to the ScoreKeeper software product family takes a dramatic step forward from the Frostfeather Scorekeeper 1.0.  The 2.0.1 version of the software is Java based with a new GUI interface and enhance tournament merge and report capability.  Click here to view screen shots and capabilities. 

 Score Keeper 2.0.1 provides the ability to store and organize tournaments with the ability to track and compile:  NamesAddresses, Classes, Divisions, Line times, Target Face, Lane, Numbers, Scores

The NEW report feature of ScoreKeeper 2.0.1 creates HTML ready to post reports of results. 

The NEW report feature also provides the ability to print mailing labels

The NEW athlete line assignment report provides line assignments that can be posted on the day of the tournament ensuring each athlete knows where to go when.

The NEW merge feature enables any governing body to collect and compile the results of regional tournaments with a few easy clicks.

Target Scorekeeper 2.5

Target Scorekeeper 2.5 is the next product under development by the ScoreKeeper staff.  The Target version of the ScoreKeeper product line is geared to solve the problem of registering, tracking and tallying skeet shooting contents.